Protect Your Home and Your Family (Home Safety) / Proteja a Su Familia y su Hogar

Burglary today is a multimillion-dollar business that can happen anywhere at any time. Fannin County has both rural city homes that are targets of opportunity because of the number of citizens that work, leaving no one at home. All of the poster’s tips are great, but one of the best,  other than having a large dog, is to have cameras inside as well as outside. A concealed camera aimed at entry doors is invaluable for identifying someone entering your home as well as what might be stolen. Exterior cameras aimed at vehicles entering or exiting the drive provide vehicle descriptions and tag information. Security alarms only work if they are turned on and need to be tested periodically to ensure they are working. Police and sheriff’s departments will work with you to test them, make sure they actually notify someone and they follow through. If you see someone suspicious in the neighborhood alert your neighbors and law enforcement. The burglar you report today may have your house targeted next week. This Crime Prevention Tip is brought to you by the Fannin County Criminal District Attorney as a public service.

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Download .PDF versions of the crime prevention posters (better for print).

Home Safety Poster_FCDA

Home Safety Poster-SPANISH_FCDA