Crime Prevention for Back-to-School

Stop Sign shown away from the bus - "stop" means "stop"
When the STOP signs are out, “stop” for school buses.

School is about to start, or maybe has depending on where you are. This can be a very trying time for parents, kids, teachers and the public in general. Most of us have been through the rigors of getting our student ready for school, the clothes, and the supplies. Gone are the Big Chief Tablets and the big red pencils. Teachers are spending money they do not have to get the classroom ready, and the public needs to be aware of kids on the streets, school zones, and school buses. STOP really does mean STOP when that sign is out away from the bus.

We want our kids to be safe, but they are gone for the day and we as parents need to know they are safe, in a safe environment with safe friends and people around them. School violence has exploded over the last few years. Bullying is a fact of life, some kid likes Bobby’s backpack better and takes it, and though not every day, weapons in school happen.  We as parents have the responsibility to ensure that our student goes out that door in the morning knowing how to be safe. We have to talk to our kids about what to do if they see a weapon at school or are the victim of bullying or witness it happening. We have to ask questions if we see mood changes in our kids. Have you talked to your student about drugs?

Teachers have a responsibility to teach students, in spite of dealing with many classroom disruptions. On May 30, 2018 in light of the Santa Fe, Texas shooting, Governor Gregg Abbott issued a forty four (44) page document entitled “School and Firearms Safety Action Plan” that encompasses a great deal of material dealing with issues from mental health in schools to school resource officers and grants that are available. How do we prevent or at least control school violence and identify those who are the potential problems? How do we protect our kids? How do we protect our teachers and train them better? It all goes back to talking to our kids and us as parents paying attention.

The Fannin County District attorney will be posting two different posters (check out all of our Crime Prevention resources here) on the Fannin County Criminal District Attorney website: “Help Keep Your School Safe” for students and “Help Your Kid Be Safe At School” for parents. These are by no means the “fix all” however if you and your student are aware, you will be safer.

Be Safe and DO NOT become a victim……Criminal District Attorney Richard E. Glaser