Differences Between Protective Order, Restraining Order and Peace Bond


Q. Between a Protective Order, Restraining Order, and Peace Bond, which best fits my situation?

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Protective Order

Temporary Restraining Order


Peace Bond

What is the situation?You have been harmed by a family member, or someone you dated and fear the abuser will hurt you again.You already have a lawsuit filed and you want the court to order the other party not to harm you or your property.Someone has threatened to harm you or your property, and you believe she or he will carry out the threats.
What does it do?Orders the abuser to stay away from you, your household, your workplace, and your school. Also may suspend the abuser’s right to carry a gun.Orders the other party in a lawsuit not to harm your property,or to threaten, harass, or harm you or your children.Orders the person making threats to deposit money with the court, which will be lost if he or she commits the threatened crime
Who can help?Fannin County Criminal District Attorney’s Office(903) 583-7448You can hire an attorney or you can represent yourself.You can hire an attorney or you can represent yourself.
Where do I file the paperwork?District Clerk’s OfficeFile in the office where you filed your lawsuit.Justice of the Peace Court in the Precinct where you live.
How long does it last?Up to 2 yearsUntil your lawsuit ends.Up to 1 year.


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