Seniors Can Stop Scoundrels and Scams

This is a follow up to the previous crime prevention poster on “Avoid Cons and Scams.” Many cons and scams are directed toward seniors and for a number of reasons it is not uncommon to become a victim. Seniors can stop cons and scams by following a few simple precautions that are listed on this poster.

Seniors today are considerably more active on the internet and on social media, making them a greater target for criminals. Widows and widowers especially make an easy target for criminals and it is relativity easy to find out anything someone might want, especially if they are planning a long-term scam. Seniors can take the appropriate actions by being informed and reporting any suspicious claims of winning great wealth, offers to help with financial planning, or contractors that sound too good. DO NOT BECOME A VICTIM OF THESE UNSCRUPULOUS PEOPLE!

This crime prevention tip is brought to you by the Fannin County Criminal District Attorney as a public service.  Please feel free to pass these posters and information on.

Download .PDF versions of the crime prevention posters (better for print).

Senior Crime Posterer_FCDA