Crime Prevention: Secure your Home – Proteja su Hojar

The Fannin County Criminal District Attorney is happy to announce a new program and a new section to the Fannin County DA website: “Crime Prevention.” Crime Prevention posters will be changed every two weeks and articles will be written as a community outreach program in the hope that this information contained on these posters and articles will be an information aid to our Fannin County community. Crime prevention starts at home, and as individuals and as a community WE can prevent crime from happening to us or our neighbors.

Please feel free to pass these posters and information on.

Look at your house or apartment. Are there areas that would allow easy access to someone breaking in? Alarm systems and interior and exterior cameras are money well spent and help law enforcement in solving the case and getting your property back. Do an inventory, take pictures and write down serial numbers and model numbers. Don’t let this happen to you!

Download .PDF versions of the crime prevention posters (better for print).

Burglary-Poster_FCDA – English