Crime Prevention: Avoid Cons and Scams — EVITE ESTAFAS Y ENGAÑOS

Crime prevention starts at home, and as individuals and as a community WE can prevent crime from happening to us or our neighbors.

Cons and scams have been around since day one on earth and have only gotten worse with time. Someone is always trying to get another citizen to give up money or other property with a promise of greater rewards. Cons and scams run from very simple to extremely complex and the majority of the time involve the US Mail, which makes it a federal offense. They can involve receiving a check in the mail for some bogus reason and only needing $$$$ to cover the cost of processing to “Come join with me in this project and I will make you rich, I only need $$$$ from you to get started.” Use a reputable repair person that you can track history on with an established business for repair/rebuilding jobs. The poster gives you some basic ideas on how to protect yourself against cons and scams, please read them and use them. DO NOT LET YOURSELF BE A VICTIM OF A CON OR SCAM! This Crime Prevention tip brought to you by the Fannin County Criminal District Attorney’s Office.

Please feel free to pass these posters and information on.

Download .PDF versions of the crime prevention posters (better for print).