Don’t Be Tricked! / Siga Los Consejos de Prevencion

Don’t Be Tricked!

Follow The Preventive Advice For The Young Hearted:

  • Pay attention to strangers in your neighborhood who offer devices or ask for money.
  • Be aware of home repair offers. If they seem too good to be true, they probably are not.
  • Do not be pressured to sign a contract or give a verbal agreement.
  • Do not give personal information to strangers unless you have initiated a valid contract.
  • Get quotes, ask for references and never pay for products or services in advance.
  • If you suspect a door to door salesperson is a fraud, get the license plate number and call your law enforcement agency immediately.

To learn more ways to protect yourself, visit or contact your local law enforcement agency…..

This crime prevention poster is a good example of con and scams that happen to the elderly each year, every day. I have touched on this issue before and this drives it home. The English version of this poster was lost however this is a translation of the Spanish poster attached. These situations happen every day to our elderly population costing millions of dollars, or in some cases their lives. Never let someone in your house — they may be casing it for a robbery or burglary. If you have elderly family or friends check on them often.

This Crime Prevention Tip is brought to you by the Fannin County Criminal District Attorney’s Office as a public service. Please feel free to pass these posters and information on.

Download .PDF versions of the crime prevention posters (better for print).

Senior Crime Poster-SPANISH_FCDA